How to make a ‘grandella’ fur coat for your dog

New Delhi: As the summer winds down, we all are eager to go to the beach, go for a stroll or enjoy the outdoors.

But the truth is, there is no right time for this kind of activity.

The weather is turning and there are more people on the roads.

And even if you go, you may end up spending some time indoors with your furry companion. 

The Grandella is a style of fur coat popularly known as ‘granny fur’.

This is the style that was popularised in the 1960s and 70s in the United States and has gained popularity in India since then.

The Grandelle is an American term for a fur coat.

It is also called granny fur.

Grandella fur coats are designed for dogs who are between four and eight months old. 

You can find the ‘grandellas’ in the Indian market. 

Here’s how to make one:  Take a pair of old shoes, a pair or two of tweed socks, a coat and some hair or fur.

Tie the shoes together with a few ties on the outside.

Then, put some hairs on the inside, and put on a fur jacket.

It will be made of a synthetic material like cotton, wool, or wool blends. 

If you do not have a fur collar, you can make one using a small brush.

Use it to brush the hair on the sides and sides of the coat, and then apply the hair to the coat itself. 

To make the jacket, simply take some hair and place it on a piece of synthetic fabric.

Put the fabric on top of the hair and tie it together.

Then apply some hairs to the inside of the jacket and place them on top. 

 Once finished, you have a coat that looks like a grandella. 

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