A female cat owner has revealed that she is ‘so excited’ to have a dog named ‘Nutanu’ because it ‘will be my best friend’

A cat owner from Australia has revealed she is so excited to have her pet Nutanu named after the mythical ‘cat with a mouth’.

The cat owner, who wished to remain anonymous, said she has had the adorable cat for four years but ‘isn’t sure if it will be my friend’.

She said: ‘Ive always had cats that are cute and friendly, but Ive never had Nutanue until Ive got her.

‘When I got her, she just looked at me like, “Oh, wow, you’re really cute”.’

Ive never been a cat person.

Ive always thought cats are really cute, but Nutanus were just so big and it was a bit hard to hold my arms around them.’

Nutanua, which has been adopted from a shelter in Sydney, has grown to be the largest cat in Australia and has a weight of almost 3,000 kilograms.

The ‘cat’s’ favourite snack is banana bread and she can go as far as climbing trees.

The cat has also been known to eat humans.

‘It’s like the perfect companion for me,’ she said.

‘Nuttu is so well behaved, she can play and hide under the table or under a bed.’

She is a lot like me, just more friendly, so I think she will be a very good friend.’

I dont think I will ever get over my first cat but I would love to have Nutanudu someday.’

It is just so exciting to have the cat.

It will be one of my best friends and Ive seen it grow so much.’

‘I will always have a cat, but its never been my best’