Women of fur festival are on their way to a ‘fur party’ in Melbourne

Two women have made their way from Canada to Melbourne, Australia to attend a fur party, where they will attend a festival in the city.

The women will wear a coat that has fur on it to celebrate the furry community’s annual Furryfest, which starts today.

The fur festival was created in 2001 by the Canadian-based Fur Council and the Furry Art Festival, which has a total of 15 events each year, including the fur festival.

The festival has a theme of furry, with events such as a parade, furry shows and furry parties.

Fur Fest is held in the heart of Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, which is home to many furries.

“There’s so much love and love in this community,” says Sarah, who asked that her full name not be used.

She says she was attracted to the festival because it is a place where she can meet other furries, meet other people who like fur, and learn about fur.

Sarah says she met two other women at the festival, one of whom had a fur coat on.

“It’s so different from how I look in the photo,” she says.

I was really interested in learning about the culture and the culture of this community, and the people who make it so special.

Sarah said she met the two women at a furry convention, and she was able to meet the two of them and they were both very friendly and very excited about this event.

As part of the festival’s theme of “pawpaw” (cute and friendly), participants will dress up in fur and will take part in a parade through the streets of Melbourne.

The theme of the furry festival was a mix of traditional and modern, with many people dressed in traditional clothing, such as dresses and coats, to participate in the events.

Sarah says the women who are coming to Melbourne will have to do some work to get their coats, but she hopes they will have a good time.

“I’m looking forward to seeing these women dressed up and meeting people who love fur,” she said.

It’s great to see a community of fur lovers around, says Sarah.

“This is a really exciting event for the furry fandom and I think this is the perfect way to showcase that.”

Furry Festival Melbourne is sponsored by Melbourne’s Furry Arts Centre and will be held in September 2018.

Source: BBC News