How to make your fur coat a rave-worthy look with this DIY project

You’re wearing a fur coat and you have to keep your head down when going into the rave scene, but the fur is your own. 

You know what? 

You don’t need to go to the rave to look great. 

I know this may sound crazy, but it’s true. 

If you’re like me and have a long coat, you might find that the rave experience can make you look more like a zombie than you actually are. 

When you’re not wearing a wig and mask, it’s hard to see the differences between your skin and your furry friend. 

This article will show you how to make an amazing fur coat. 

There are so many great DIY fur coats out there and this is one of my favorite DIY fur coat tutorials to date. 

So how do you make one? 

Step 1: 1.

Cut your fur. 

Cut a piece of fur from a size medium. 

(It’s fine to use the smaller length, but you’ll get a little more than you bargained for). 

You can buy a little extra for $5 on Amazon or Etsy. 


Use it as a wig. 

Make sure to use a hair elastic or ponytail elastic (depending on how long you want your fur) and a hairband to make the fur look more natural. 


Cut the fur.

Step 2: Use your hair elastic to make a short curl. 

Once you have your hair and elastic, attach it to your wig.


Tie your hair. 

Take a small piece of hair, like a hair band, and a little bungee cord, and wrap it around your head and around your ears.

 (If you have a bungee, use the end to hang from your head.)


Make your ears pop. 

With your hairband and bungee you’re tying the hair to your ears, and you can now see the difference between your hair on your head, which is a nice little curl, and the fur on your ears that is actually attached to your head. 


Make it go away.

Take your hair band and pull it over your ears to make them more like the ones you’re wearing. 


Attach the hairband. 

Use the hair band to attach your hair to the fur around your face. 


Add your ears and hair.

Put on your wig and get ready to party! 


Put on the wig and go. 

It’s really important to make sure that your wig fits around your hair, because if you put it too far, the wig can get caught in the fur and become hard to remove. 


Tighten the wig.

If you don’t know how to tie a hair knot, I’d recommend that you take a picture of your head before you tie your hair with a simple knot and then post that photo on Instagram. 


Wrap the wig around your neck. 

Your wig should look like a ponytail, but instead of a wig, it has an elastic, so it’s like a wig without the wig! 

If your wig is too big or loose, you can also try wrapping it around the back of your neck to make it look a little smaller. 


Put on the ears. 

The ears are the area of your body where your ears meet your face, so they should look pretty similar to the ears of your cat. 

Here’s how to do that. 

Step 3: Cut your ears into a little bit of fur.

Cut a piece about the size of a large fingernail and a half. 

 (You can also use a smaller piece and tie it around like you would a pony tail.) 

Step 4: Make your ears bigger. 

Attach your ears together with the hair on the back. 

Set the ears on top of the wig, and tie the elastic around the top of your ears like you’d do with a pony tux. 


Keep it on. 

Hold your hair up in front of your face and then wrap it all around your ear. 


Give it a try! 

Now that you’ve got a great fur coat that looks like it belongs to you, go and make yours. 

Happy Halloween!