Kerrie Brooke: ‘If you’ve got a cat, you better be in a fur coat’

When it comes to fur coats, Kerrie Brooks knows all too well.

The singer and songwriter was spotted wearing a faux fur coat while on tour with her band in Australia earlier this year.

Brooke told she thought the coat was “sad” but “just like my cats”.

“It was just like, ‘I’ll be there,'” she said.

“The more you know you have a cat or a dog, the more you think you’ll be in one.

But that’s not what I had on at the time.”

Brooke’s fur coat has been a major part of her image since her hit song, “Fur Coat”, was released in 2010.

Brookes has since released three more studio albums with her own label, and the band’s upcoming debut album, Snow Day, is due out in August.