When it Comes to the Next Great American Race

There’s something to be said for an idea like “the next great American race” that has nothing to do with America or race at all.

And while we can’t always agree on who the next great race will be, we can all agree that the next American race will have something to do, in part, with the rise of a new breed of white people in the US.

As we know, the rise in white immigration to the US has coincided with a significant rise in the birth rate of children, and in turn, the growing numbers of people born in the United States.

According to the Pew Research Center, the US population has doubled since 1970, and now has a total of 6.3 billion people.

Of those, about 3.1 billion people are white.

This means that in the last two decades, roughly three out of four white babies born in this country have been born to white mothers.

In fact, in 2016, the birthrate of white children in the U.S. was just above 1.5 per 1,000 births, and that figure is set to double over the next few years.

So, there’s something really interesting about a white people having an increasing share of the American birth rate.

What’s more, that trend has continued throughout the last several decades, with white birthrates in the country increasing in tandem with the growth in white births.

And, as it turns out, white Americans are becoming the next generation of Americans to be drawn to the U: According to a recent Pew Research study, whites now account for over half of the US’s population, a demographic that has historically been overwhelmingly white.

The US Census Bureau reports that over half the country’s white population is 65 and older, and by 2050, that number will reach 80 percent.

And white Americans will continue to grow their share of total population.

But how do they do it?

The rise of white Americans in the nation’s largest city, Los Angeles, and across the country means that whites have an opportunity to be more influential in the public sphere.

In addition to the political clout they have over politicians and elected officials, white people are now able to build wealth and influence in the city that they call home.

The Los Angeles Times reports that, in the 2016 election, white residents of the city of Los Angeles were more likely to vote for a candidate who was white than a candidate of any other racial group, and the majority of white voters in the county voted for a white candidate.

As the Times points out, this means that “Los Angeles has become the first city in the world to elect a white mayor and the second-most white county in the contiguous United States.”

While the Times article notes that white voters are becoming increasingly influential, it also notes that they’re not just voting for a black candidate; they’re also voting for the candidate of their choice, even if that candidate is white.

For example, according to the Times, a white voter in the suburbs of Los Angles, California, went to the polls on Election Day to vote to reelect a black man.

This voter, who went by the name of “Lance”, has since turned his back on Donald Trump, the Republican candidate for president.

He’s voting to re-elect the mayor of the City of Angels, who’s white and who is white (in that order).

So, it’s clear that white people don’t just support a candidate they agree with, but they support a leader who shares their views on everything.

This election cycle has given white people the opportunity to take control of the political discourse in the region of Los Angels, and they’ve done so without the fear of being attacked by anyone, even a black person.

As a result, the election of a black mayor in Los Angeles has already brought about some major changes in the local government of Los Angeles.

According the LA Times, “The city council unanimously approved an ordinance that mandates the removal of Confederate statues and monuments from public property.”

The mayor of Los Banos County, whose district includes the city where Los Angeles is located, has also proposed that the city’s police force be “separate from the rest of the force” and that officers be “reassigned to other departments.”

It is no secret that the LA area has been plagued by racial tensions since the death of Michael Brown, and many residents, particularly those of color, have been angered by the actions of the Los Angeles Police Department in recent months.

But this is no longer just a problem for the residents of Los Altos and other small cities in the Los Angelas metropolitan area.

For the first time, a black elected official has even been elected to the Los Altas City Council.

In a move that many say is unprecedented, the newly elected Los Altolan Councilwoman, Melissa Lee-Cox, has said that she will not support the appointment of a white person to the city council.

This comes at a time when the LA Police Department is under scrutiny over its use