Medical News Now: Baby fur coat sells for $1,600 at Walmart, Kmart

Baby fur coats have become a fashion staple for people in the US and UK, but they’re also selling for much more than that, with some brands claiming prices that far exceed what they’re typically offered for sale.

A newborn baby fur coat has been on sale on Amazon for $800 (around £630), according to The Daily Mail.

The price tag on the baby fur coats on Amazon is $1.6 million (around Rs 2.9 crore), but this is a far cry from the average $400-500 per coat sold for.

The fur coat at the top of the list is the “baby fur coat” by Zazzle, which sells for £1,898 (around $1 million).

The cheapest fur coat on Amazon at the time of writing is the white one by T-shirt giant Adidas, which costs $1 (around US$1,800).

In a similar trend to other animal products, fur coats are being sold at fashion shows and even at malls, as well as online.

Some of these fur coats also sell for over $1k, as shown by the one pictured above.

In a post on the Zazzles blog, the company wrote that they “cannot and will not sell fur coats” and that they would only sell their fur coats at “an average price of $1 to $2,000.”

The baby fur fur coat is a “unique, hand-crafted design and will only be sold at a higher price than the average price for other products,” the company said.

It also said that they only sell to people who are over 18 years old and that sales are limited to the US.

In India, the baby coats are considered to be a fashion trend, with many people wearing them in the capital, New Delhi, as they travel around the country.

The coat is seen as a symbol of Indian culture, and the childrens’ book, ‘India’s First Fur Coat’, which is based on the Indian culture of baby coats, was published in 2016.

Baby coats are also used in fashion shows, but in the UK, they have been banned.

“Baby coats, or any type of fur, are not allowed in retail outlets, as this can be a source of infection for babies,” a spokesperson for the National Retail Federation told the BBC.

In 2018, the US government launched a ban on selling baby fur, but this has since been lifted, and baby fur has been sold at many US stores, including Walmart, Target, and Sears.