Dogs on the run after police chase through forests

Police chased a grey and red fur-coat dog through the woods in north Wales as they pursued a man suspected of carjacking and attempted burglary, police said.

The dog, named Jax, was captured after a dog walker spotted him in a wooded area in Caerphilly, near Cardiff, and called police.

Jax was put down and officers used a taser to break his collarbone.

Police said he was captured a short time later in a field near the Welsh Borders.

The chase ended in Caermarthen, near Gwynedd, where Jax escaped from the police.

“The dogs were caught on CCTV at a local field and taken to the local police station where Jox was put under observation for two hours, before he was taken to Caerphyne, where he was placed under arrest,” a Welsh Police statement said.

“He has since been released from Caermyne hospital and is now recovering in a local vet.”

Jax is the latest in a string of grey and black dogs who have escaped from police in Wales.

They have also been spotted running through forests and fields in Devon and Cornwall.

In January, a police officer chased a dog that was believed to be a black Labrador.