Why do we wear fur coats in Japan?

The Japanese fashion industry has seen a significant resurgence in the past decade.

The trend is in the process of catching up with the West, and the fur coat is an increasingly popular accessory in Japan.

The fur coat was originally designed for the Japanese military, and it’s one of the first fashion pieces that soldiers would wear in combat.

A fur coat also provides protection against the elements and can keep you warm during the cold months.

Fur coats have been popular in Japan since the mid-19th century, but by the 1970s, fur coats had been banned due to health concerns, and they’re now banned in most parts of the world.

The reason for the ban was that the fur coats did not provide adequate protection against mosquitoes, which can carry diseases like dengue fever and yellow fever.

Now, in 2017, fur coat manufacturers in Japan are looking to reintroduce the fur-lined coat.

A study conducted by research group EcoFur Japan, which surveyed 2,000 fur coat owners in 18 different Japanese cities, found that while a few people still wear fur coat, the popularity of fur coats is steadily increasing.

According to the study, the fur fur coat has gained popularity due to the recent climate changes in Japan and its climate is getting warmer.

The study also found that the coat has become a fashion item among young people and has a strong influence on fashion trends.

A popular trend in Japan, according to EcoFurs Japan, is to wear fur fur coats when visiting the country.

Fur coat owners are especially drawn to Japan’s style, with fur coat buyers often comparing it to the style of their favorite artists.

“Japan has always been known for its culture, and its style is a bit like its style,” says Eunice Loh, a researcher with EcoFuras Japan.

“The Japanese fashion scene is growing in popularity and it has been growing steadily in the last few years.”

According to Ecofurs Japan’s findings, Japanese fur coat purchasers were most interested in fur coats that were made of organic materials, but there are some fur coats made of synthetic materials as well.

Loh believes that Japanese fur coats can be considered a modern fashion trend that has been gaining popularity.

“Japanese fur coats have become a very popular trend,” she says.

“They’re fashionable and they have a strong fashion influence on the culture.

I think that fur coats will continue to gain popularity and be a fashion trend in the future.”

EcoFurus Japan’s research found that people are most interested to purchase a fur coat when visiting Japan.

In addition to buying a fur-covered fur coat at a local shop, people also want to wear it when they visit a Japanese festival or event.

Lough said that while Japanese fur-clad tourists may be attracted to Japan due to its climate and culture, fur-covered tourists may also find Japan attractive due to certain features of its culture.

Loug said that Japanese people also like to dress in the traditional fur coat.

“I think the Japanese people are very conscious about their environment, and I think their fur coats are a perfect fit for the environment that they live in,” she said.

Fur-canned fur coats could be a trend that’s growing across the world, but it could also be a fad that doesn’t last.

However, I believe that the trend for fur coats to increase in popularity is quite real and may be growing,” Lough added.