Lion, lioness, and tigers in a single photograph: How the three were put together by a zoo in India

From a zoo, a lioness and two tigers are put together for a photograph in New Delhi, India.

The lioness is wearing a white fur coat, and the tiger is wearing black.

The two tigers have different haircuts.

All three have black eyes, and they are all wearing white.

[Credit: National Geographic] [Explore more of National Geographic’s photos]The animals are in a zoo enclosure, which is one of many where they will spend the rest of their lives together.

The three tigers are in their enclosure, while the lioness sits in a corner of the enclosure.

The lions are separated by a wooden fence, and a cage in the corner is their home.

In this way, the animals will live together for as long as they are able to survive.

When the animals come into contact with each other, the two lions will fight, but the tiger will always have the upper hand.

The zoo also had two lions that lived together.

One lion died after a few weeks, while one died a few days later.

The lionesses are now being cared for by two female lions and one female tiger.

The tiger will spend her time with her cubs and their mothers.

The cubs will also live with their mothers for the time being.

The zoo is hoping that the tigers will help their mother with the cubs.

The baby tigers will be kept in a crate at the zoo, but they will be able to play in the wild if they want.

The animals will be given a name and a home at the end of the process.

They will be reunited with their parents.

“The cubs are all very different, so this is the first time in our life that they are being reunited,” Dr. Bose told ABC News.

“We’re not going to be able [to] go back to a zoo and have them in a cub enclosure,” Dr Bose said.

The two tigers will not be kept together at all.

They can be seen playing in the cage together, and their mother is keeping them in separate enclosures.

The tigers are very smart, and can learn a lot about each other.

The mother, who is a veterinarian, has spent a lot of time in the tigers’ enclosure.

She has been keeping them safe and feeding them properly.

“If we were to get one of them into a cage, we would be concerned,” she said.

“The mother will have to take care of the cub, but her job is to feed the cub,” Dr Batum said.

“In the past, the mother has had to give up her job to take the cub in.

Now she will have a job in the zoo.”

The cub is still learning, and he will be on his own in the future, but he is already starting to learn to walk.

“He’s getting stronger, and will get a better grasp on his surroundings,” Dr Battum said of the two cubs that were rescued.

The first tiger is in her first year at the Delhi Zoo, and she has only just begun to show the cub how to eat.

She will be with the two other cubs, who will be in the same enclosure.

Dr Battum also believes the cub is a great success.

“She’s very intelligent, and I think the cub will learn to love the cub.

She’s the most important person in this cub,” he said.