Australian companies pay more than $1 billion for nutria coats

Posted February 18, 2018 09:19:18 While we’re at it, let’s not forget to highlight the fact that a third of Australian companies paid $1.9 billion to a global nutria industry in 2016, up from just $700 million in 2011, according to a new report by the Australian Financial Service (AFS).

The report by financial consultancy the AFS, which looked at the business interests of the world’s nutria farmers, found that companies from Argentina to China are profiting from the sale of nutria skins, but Australia has one of the highest prices for the fur coat.

The report found that in 2016 Australian companies spent $1,924 per nutria, or $5,935 per animal.

Aussie companies are also spending more than the world average, spending $1 million more per animal, or nearly $6 million per nutrian, according the Afs.

The total cost of nutrian fur coat to Australia is estimated at $11.8 million per year, with $4.6 million going to the country’s nutrian farmers.

The AFS study found that the Australian industry spent $4,200 per nutrier on nutria coat in 2016.

The country’s biggest nutria producer, The Australian Fur Co. has already invested $2.5 million in the industry.

The Australian Government has also invested $6.5m, with the industry paying $2 million to the Government.

The Government has earmarked $1m to the AFA’s research into the industry and is encouraging the industry to apply for funding.

The industry will be allowed to operate as an independent entity under the Federal Government.

“The government’s focus on nutrian growth is in keeping with its commitment to sustainable nutriurean production and conservation, and our Government’s support is important for continued growth in the sector,” Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce said in a statement.

“We are making it easier for nutriures to access funds and support, as well as working with industry to establish a regulatory framework for the nutriuse industry to operate.”